Wavy Hairstyles

Most women cannot manage their long wavy hair. Difficulties arise when the hair is thick and gets extremely dry and frizzy to give an unpleasant appeal. Bun is the ultimate solution for most women fed up with their wavy hair.

Styling Natural Wavy Hair

Having natural wavy hair does not mean you cannot style it anyway. Try the following methods to transform a medium or standard hairstyle into something new:

  • Add a fringe
  • Cut your hair in layers to give it more definition

Wavy Hairstyles to Show Off

Some wavy hairstyles you can show off are listed here below:

  • Random waves using the easy twist and clip method. Apply pomade or mousse gel to style your hair. Twist your hair into curls then tie a bun with the help of clips. Release after a while to get the naturally wavy look.
  • Ringlets can be made by attaching rollers to the strands or by braiding the hair after a head wash. Gently open when dry and get the wavy hair.
  • Spiral curls can be sought using the above method.

Tips to Manage Wavy Hair

Wavy hairstyles are usually meant to deliver a messy-on-purpose style. Maintaining natural wavy hair is always a challenge for women. Try these tips to control the frizz and drying up of your wavy hair:

  • Use wide toothed combs instead of brushes
  • Blow dry upside down with a hair diffuser
  • Use styling gels or products to separate the curly strands from each other
  • Allow your hair to dry naturally if possible

Styling Straight Hair into Wavy Hairstyles

You can wear wavy hairstyles even of you do not have natural curls by adopting the following styling techniques:

  • Use curling irons
  • Use pin curls on damp hair to get the wavy look
  • Apply a wavy or curly hair serum after washing your hair to get the curls or waves
  • Frizz can be prevented by using theA�A� serum or when pin curls or rollers are used on damp hair

Your hair can also make a distinct style statement if only you allow it to do so in different ways. Wavy hairstyles are easy on naturally wavy hair but people with straight hair can also experiment to alter their plain, simple and boring look.

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