Victoria Beckham Hair Style

Victoria Beckham has always been a trend setter for the youngsters of the modern era. Victoria Beckham hairstyle also changes with the trend. For a long time she had a stunning long hair extensions. But recently, she has changed it and made it more spicy.
Victoria Beckham Hair StyleVictoria Beckham Hair Style

Now-a-days she’s been flaunting an asymmetrical short cut commonly known as the Pob – Posh’s Bob. The most important as well as unique feature of Victoria Beckham hair style is the striking asymmetrical short cut, which is somewhere between tangled and messy, and simultaneously smooth and sleek.

Pob: Latest Victoria Beckham Hairstyle

Pob, or Posh Bob, as it is commonly known has become the hottest new hairstyle. Victoria Beckham has brought the Bob back to the headlines in hair fashion. She took a classic cut, added her own unique twist and totally reinvented the hairstyle.
Victoria Beckham Hair StyleVictoria Beckham Hair Style

The most notable thing about the Pob is that it is uniquely tailored to suit each womanA?a��a�?s individual facial features and hair type.

Tips to Have Victoria Beckham Hairstyle

Below are some tips to wear Victoria Beckham hairstyle.

  • Rinse your hair with such a shampoo that is perfectly suited to your hair type, texture and condition.
  • Towel dry and apply a leave-in conditioner or styling cream
  • While drying, wrap hair around a barrel brush to create fullness and movement.
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  • Apply styling wax on the ends of the dry hair to create definition on the edges.
  • Lightly haze with hairspray for hold.


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