Straightening Hair Tips

Hair straightening is quite effective for people with curly or wavy hair. But for effective results some guidelines should be followed. Even for keeping your hair healthy after the straightening process you need to follow some tips that are delineated in this article.

Do you have wavy or curly hair? Want a straighter or less curly form? Then you have to undergo hair straightening process. Hair straightening is a process that reforms your curly or wavy hair.

In hair straightening the structure of your hair is chemically altered. So, the bonds that keep your hair curly or wavy break. This makes your hair straighter or less curly.

Guidelines for Hair Straightening

  1. Go to a professional hairdresser for straightening your hair. A professional hairdresser will assess the ability of your hair to remain in good and healthy condition after the straightening process. For this the hairdresser might conduct a test, A?a��A�test strandA?a��A? by chemically straightening a clipping of your hair. If the result shows that you should not try straightening your hair, you should avoid hair straightening.
  2. Use mild shampoos after straightening treatment. Deep condition your hair regularly with strong conditioners. This will not only give a healthier bounce and shine to your hair but will also protect it.
  3. Avoid heat-styling tools as they can damage your hair.
  4. Use good detangling products after the straightening treatment. Use wide -toothed comb for the hair.
  5. Add a drop of silicone serum. Your hair will shine and bounce.
  6. Use the straightening iron carefully for straightening your hair.
  7. When styling your straight hair use good tools and protective products. A blow-dryer, not a very hot one, but with a strong air flow is recommended. To prevent your hair from drying out and frazzled ends due to regularly blow-drying use a treatment once in a week.
  8. Avoid coloring and using a straightener simultaneously. Hair color when combined with straightener damages your hair.
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  10. Apply straightening balm for a temporary blow out of straight hair. For a perfect finish apply it to each section as you go. For a poker straight hair use a large paddle brush. Use a round brush for a softer curved finish.

You can not straighten your hair when:

  • You have permanently colored or highlighted your hair
  • You often swim in chlorine water
  • You have fine blonde hair

Tips for Maintaining Straightened Hair

  • Use regular mild shampoos
  • Use good conditioners
  • Dry your hair after the shower by wringing it in a towel until water doesnA?a��a�?t drop anymore
  • Before drying your hair in a blow-dryer or in between towel drying apply a little bit if straightening gel
  • Take sections of hair at a time with a flat brush and blow dry
  • Use a little bit of cream or gel to keep your hair straight and non-frizzy

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