Straight Hairstyles

One of the important pre-requisites for wearing straight hairstyles is hair texture. Hairstylists maintain that you should always choose a hairstyle you can manage and maintain easily.

Straight Hairstyles and Hair Texture
Hair texture and quality helps determine the hairstyle you could wear. Different hair texture for determining straight hairstyles are coarse, medium and fine. Hairstylists explain that it is much easier to style fine and medium quality hair than coarse hair if one is considering straight hairstyles.

Simple styling techniques and low maintenance hairstyles can solve the problems associated with hair texture. For example, if you want a smooth and shiny look and have coarse hair, apply straightening balm. Then use a paddle brush and a straightening iron to remove the frizz. Finally, add some spray shine or hair spray to your hair.

Straight Hairstyles
Straight hairstyles can be styled in the following ways:

  • Casual
  • Flips
  • Twists or Bends
  • Classic Straight Hairstyle

Straight Hairstyles and Face Shape
Consider the following straight hairstyles for different face shapes:

  • Round Face: Straight hairstyles on a round face would mean having to hide the chubby cheeks with bangs on the sides and forehead. Layers with fine ends can also help reduce the fullness of your face.
  • Square Face: A straight hairstyle with sharp bangs that hit the jaw line help hide the broad face.
  • Heart Shaped Faces: A straight hairstyle should be one where the eyes and cheekbones grab more attention than the chin.
  • Long Face: A typical straight hairstyle should be one that makes the face look more wide than long. Short bob cuts with straight bangs till the jaws also looks chic on long faces.
  • Oval Face: Any hairstyle would look perfect on this face. The style and imagination of a professional hairstylist can lend a great face and hairstyle to this damsel.

Styling Tips for Straight Hairstyles

Equipments and products need to be used very carefully for styling straight hairstyles. Consider the following ingredients for wearing straight hairstyles:

  • A flat iron of good quality
  • An anti-frizz lotion
  • Section clips
  • A thin tailed comb
  • A hair blower

Running sections of your hair through a flat iron is all that is required. So wear chic straight hairstyle with poise and beauty.

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