Split Ends

Split ends are natural occurrences. Almost everybody, to some degree, has split ends. If you are interested to learn how to get rid of split ends you have come to the right place. Just refer to the article.

Split ends damages your hair. It makes your hair unhealthy. Your hair wonA?ai??i??ai???t look at its best when you have split ends. Your hair will look like the bristles on a broom once split ends occur.

How does Split Ends Occur
Hair is made up of layers, like your skin. The outer layer, called cuticle, consists of dead cells. The dead cells lie on top of one another. Due to this kind of arrangement, the middle layer, called cortex, composed of long, coiled proteins is protected. The protective cuticle when wears down on the tip of a strand, it unravels the fibers of the cortex. The hair gets split lengthwise. Split end occurs.

Causes of Split Ends

  • Coloring
  • Straightening
  • Blow-drying daily
  • Regularly heat-styling

Solutions for Split Ends
Once split ends occur, you can not repair them. But you can get rid of split ends by the following ways:

  • Before taking a shower, brush your hair.
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  • Avoid bunching up your hair while you are in the shower. While washing, hang down your hair straight.
  • Apply shampoo on the crown of your scalp. Then work the lather down the length of your hair in a zigzag motion with your fingers.
  • If you have dry hair, avoid shampooing, daily. On off-days scrub your scalp with your fingers.
  • Apply plenty of conditioner during and after a shower.
  • DonA?ai??i??ai???t brush your hair when it is wet.
  • Use wide-tooth comb for combing your hair. Avoid vent brushes with plastic bristles.
  • DonA?ai??i??ai???t brush your hair too vigorously.
  • Avoid using blow-dryers, straightening devices, or curling irons.
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  • Sleep with satin or silk pillowcases (smooth surface). Tangling which leads to split ends will get minimized.
  • Use products formulated specially for color-treated hair if you want to color or highlight your hair. Give a gap of two weeks between coloring and perming your hair.
  • Trim your hair in at least every six to eight weeks. Cut about one to one and a half inches of your hair if you have split ends to prevent your hair from splitting, further.

Split ends which cannot be mended or fixed should be cut off. Moreover, if you follow the above tips your hair condition will improve, definitely. Believe us!

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