Razor Hair Cuts

A nice razor cut significantly impacts the way the ordinary looks. But for a good razor cut you need to be well informed about the cut. So, just check out here for the dos and donA?a��a�?ts for razor hair cuts!

Are you planning to give a razor cut to your hair? Think over it again. Razor cut does not suit all hair types and hair textures. For example, a razor cut does not suit people with curly hairstyle, with fine hair types and with frizzy hair.

With diligence razor cut can look fantastic on your hairstyle as it will create a textured look. If you have short or medium lengths you can opt for the razor cut. A razor cut is also suggested for medium-thick hair with longer lengths. It will look fabulous.

What is Razor Cut?

Razor cut is a new hair look created with a blade. ItA?a��a�?s a hot new shredded look wherein you taper your hair with blades, not with scissors. A straight blade of three inches is used to gently slice through your hair. You get a looping effect on you hair.

A razor cut is performed on damp hair for ease and manageability. Unwanted bulkiness is removed, if any. While a razor cut removes hair, it adds volume to your hair at the same time.

Reasons for Razor Haircuts

  • To blunt the ends of the hair
  • To thin the hair
  • To add more shape and texture to the hair

Disadvantages of Razor Haircuts

Razor haircut can make the hair

  • thin
  • unhealthy

Tips for Razor Cut

  • If you love someoneA?a��a�?s razor haircut and want to cut your hair in their style, ask them to refer you to the hair stylist who performed the razor cut on their hair.
  • Make an appointment with the hair stylist. Go only for consultation, not for the cut. Tell the hair stylist that you have come only for consultation, but you will come back for the haircut the next time. This helps you in taking out your time and finding a stylist that can give a nice razor cut according to your hair type and texture.
  • If you are in doubt whether your hair is right for a razor cut or not visit more than one hair stylist. Take their suggestion and then decide. Ask the hair stylists if they have experience in using razors or not. Expertise of the stylist along with the type of hair you have will give a stunning razor cut and look.

You may get tempted with BritneyA?a��a�?s (Las Vegas/HBO show) or MadonnaA?a��a�?s (Drowned World Tour) razored hair. But donA?a��a�?t go for a razor cut without adequate knowledge on the cut. Firstly, identify your hair type and hair texture. Accordingly discuss with a hair stylist who has expertise in using razors. And then go for that choppy (with no straight hair lines) and hot razor haircut.

Difference between razor hair cuts and scissor hair cuts

The difference between razor hair cuts and scissor hair cuts are:

  • Razor hair cuts look smoother but scissor hair cuts might not look the same
  • It gives a uniform appearance to the hair but scissor hair cuts might not give a uniform appearance
  • Razor hair cuts give an organic look but scissor hair cuts might not give the same look
  • It simply gives a perfect texture to the hair but scissor hair cuts might fail to do this
  • Razor hair cuts do not project layering of the hair but hair might look layered in a defined manner in scissor hair cuts
  • It looks softer but scissor hair cuts might not look soft

How to do razor hair cuts at home?
The razor hair cuts might be done at home. One can seek help from mom or siblings to make it a success.

The steps involved in razor hair cuts at home are:

  • One might assist the person who needs razor hair cuts. Comb the hair properly to detangle
  • Divide the hair into four equal portions. First make two equal portions upright and then divide each of it parallel from the middle
  • Take two hair clips and pin the paralleled portions. Leave the down portion loose and start razor hair cutting
  • Practice makes the razor hair cuts perfect. So practice more with patience to use comb in the right direction while cutting. Pay attention to do the razor hair cut gently

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