Jennifer Anniston Hairstyles

Jennifer Anniston is not only grabbing awards for her television and movie flicks but for hair polls as well. The Jennifer Anniston mania even helped her fetch the Favorite Female Movie Star in 2007 and now she stands proud with the Most Wanted Star Hairstyles stature.

Jennifer Anniston hairstyles became a rage when she shot to fame as the crazy and humorous Rachel Green in sitcom Friends. Her films also boast of a variety of hairstyles she has carried off with charm. Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly and The Break Up are some of her other popular ventures into American films.

Jennifer Anniston personifies A?ai??i??Ai??versatilityA?ai??i??A?. Her presence therefore means innovative getups and hairstyles which she carries with enough ease and composure.

Jennifer Anniston Hairstyles 3Jennifer Anniston Hairstyles 2

Famous Jennifer Anniston Hairstyles
Jennifer Anniston hairstyles can be categorized as long and short ones. Depending on the face shape, hair texture and density decide which Jennifer Anniston hairstyle could suit you best.

Jennifer Anniston Hairstyles (Long)

  • Long Straight Layers
  • Long Straight Layers with Slight Curls

Hairstylists believe that the above works best for people with round or oval shaped faces.

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  • Short Straight Layers
  • Short Curly Layers

Jennifer Anniston Hairstyles Jennifer Anniston Hairstyles 3

The above works best if you want to hide your forehead. People with natural wavy hair can easily maintain these hairstyles.

Find the star in you by trying these Jennifer Anniston hairstyles. All you need is professional advice, a curling iron, a hairspray or gel to get the Jennifer Anniston layers.

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