How to Grow Long Hair?

Growing long hair is not an impossible task but one needs to take care about washing, combing and nourishing the hair. Researchers are of the opinion that people, on an average, are genetically programmed to grow 6 inches of hair each year. However, you can grow long hair by taking care of your health, nutrition and habits.

Tips to Grow Long Hair

You can follow these tips to grow long hair:

  • Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet
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  • Use wide toothed combs to comb and release the knots or tangles on your hair
  • Wash your scalp off all dirt and oil
  • Use an effective conditioner to rinse your hair
  • Never twist or pull your hair while drying
  • Get your hair trimmed when needed to reduce the split ends
  • Avoid coloring your hair and if you do then avoid using peroxide or ammonia to do so
  • Avoid sleeping with a tied up ponytail or braids
  • Wear a cap to swim and avoid the tangle and infection that can pass on to your hair through the water
  • Massage you scalp with hot oil
  • Avoid letting your hair open in the wind and invite tangles
  • Use elastic coated bands to tie your hair as they can prevent the frequent breaking of your hair

Hair and Diet
Researchers state that a nutritious diet also helps in growing long and healthy hair. For example, essential vitamins like vitamin A, B and C help in warding off dandruff problems, in generating hair pigments and feeding the hair roots. So you can grow long hair by eating healthy and nutritious food. In addition, avoid sun, wind and pollution to grow long hair.

Tips for Men to Grow Long Hair
Long hair can fascinate men too. Growing long hair can be annoying though for those with short hair. The mantra for them is to be patient. Other tips for men to grow hair are listed here below:

  • Maintain good hair hygiene
  • Trim the split ends
  • Keep the scalp oil and dirt free

Hairstylists however maintain that women are in a better condition to control their hair as they naturally begin to grow long hair when young. So women can better adapt to the changing conditions and stages of hair growth.

The key to growing long hair therefore means maintaining a clean scalp and being as gentle while combing, washing or drying your hair. Also believe in eating healthy food to grow long hair in no time. lady-era pills

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