Hair Makeovers

A hairstyle makeover is always interesting if you have the confidence and the guts to alter your hairstyle. You should also have the knowledge on various aspects of hair makeovers. If not, refer our article.

If you want a new look a hair makeover can give you. Not only you, but your family, friends, and colleagues will get a nice surprise if you have a good hair makeover complementing your look.

A nice hair makeover will make a world of difference. You will be thrilled when you get a fabulous finished look. But for getting that thrilling experience you need to understand:

Your Face Type ladyera

  • Round: If you have a round face you should avoid extremely short and cropped cuts. GO for some height at the crown because it gives a slim look to your face. You should also try chin-length hair cut with soft layers that will frame your face.
  • Oval: You are lucky if you have an oval face because oval face can pull off any style with great ease. To draw attention to your best features you should try a layer cut.
  • Square: If you have a square face you can soften with soft curls, graduated layers, choppy ends, and a voluminous crown.
  • Rectangular: If your face type is rectangular you should never go below shoulder-length hairstyle because it will elongate your face even more. A chin-length bob and bangs will give you a fuller look.
  • Heart: If you have a heart-shaped face you should go for voluminous, layered bobs curling out at chin level. This will give you a lovely look. Even, side parts and wispy bangs will suit your face type.
  • Triangular: A dominant jaw line is the hallmark of a triangular face. If you have one, you can draw attention away from your dominant jaw line by adopting a tapered style. You can also try off-center parts.
  • Diamond: A short hair-cut will boost your look if you have a diamond face. To soften your wide cheekbones you can opt for angled bangs. A layered style sitting above the neck will also improve your look.

Purposes of Hair Makeover

You should also realize the purpose of altering your hairstyle. Find out the reasons for a hair makeover, here.

  • Seasonal compulsions like a scorching summer or a soggy rainy weather
  • Lack of time to devote to styling your hair, daily
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  • The urge to undergo a big and drastic change

Choose the correct hair makeover that will suit you. Go ahead and surprise everybody with a new and lovely hair makeover.

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