Hair Coloring Tips

Hair coloring can be fun if you understand the theory of hair coloring. Read this article that gives you all the information about hair coloring tips. Try to follow the guidelines which will discard all your fears about hair color.

People are generally ignorant about the art of hair coloring. They land up not only in damaging their hair but their looks, too.A�A� So, they are skeptical in coloring their hair. But coloring your hair is as easy as any other hair care and styling techniques. Just follow the tips that can immensely benefit you in the process of coloring your hair.

Home Hair Coloring

If your budget is low that you can not afford coloring your hair by professionals in a salon, you can always try coloring your hair at home. Hair coloring at home is easy and affordable. But, before coloring your hair you need to:

  • Deep condition your hair. Shampoo your hair and wait for couple of days so that the natural oils get enough time to resurface in your scalp. The natural oils protect the skin form chemical reactions. They also help your hair color to set better, and overall give a uniform and better result.
  • Wear your old t-shirt. Gather up some tissues or old towels to wipe off the stains.
  • Section your hair by the help of hair clips.
  • Keep a hand mirror to see the back of your head.
  • Keep a clock to check the time of putting and removing your hair color.
  • Ask any of your friends to help you in the process of hair coloring.

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Post Hair Color

After coloring your hair you need to follow some guidelines for getting the best results. Following tips will not only give better results, but will help in providing you healthy hair.

  • Filter the tap water before taking a shower or bath because they contain detrimental elements like rust. Rust can give a dull look to your new hair color. So, install a water filter to tap.
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  • After coloring your hair it is quite vital to use shampoo that is specially made for color treated hair. This will keep your hair color soft and will give you a natural look. Avoid regular shampoos as they strip the color from your hair. They also reduce the natural moisture from your hair.
  • Deep condition your hair regularly, at least every fortnight. This helps in restoring the moisture and shine to your color treated hair. Use a color enhancing conditioner because as roots grow out, the color enhancing conditioner will blend your natural hair color with your color treated hair.
  • Use leave in conditioners for your color treated hair. Because they contain sunscreen, they protect your hair color from fading away.
  • Dry your hair after shampooing. Do not wrap your wet hair in a tight turban. Do not rub your hair for drying. Use a blow dryer to dry your head only, not your hair. Avoid over drying your hair because it reduces the natural moisture from the hair.
  • Do not use brush on wet hair. Use wide tooth combs to remove tangles. Start combing from the ends of the hair and move up to your scalp.
  • Before going for swimming wet your hair with bottled spring water. This helps to shield your color treated hair from the harsh chemicals used in swimming pool water.

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