Cropped Hairstyle

If you ask what is in vogue, the answer would be the cropped hairstyle. Surprising but a growing number of people are shedding their inhibitions of keeping long tresses. So whether it is the entertainment industry, media or the corporate world everyone seems to be flaunting the cropped hairstyle.

What is the Cropped Hairstyle?
The cropped hairstyle is generally worn very close to the head or scalp. Though both men and women love to wear the cropped hairstyle today it is named when women sport the hairstyle. The cropped hairstyle has its origin in the 1920s. The Eton Crop hairstyle was very common at that time.

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Celebrities have also taken to this trend of wearing the cropped hairstyle at every event A?a��a�? at the soccer stadium and emerging from the sea in the Bond flick.

Cropped hairstyle is therefore a rage today. The reason for it gaining so much popularity is that the cropped hairstyle delivers a cute and adorable look with difference. So if you want to be a trend setter just get the locks chopped off.

On whom would the Cropped Hairstyle look good?
Experts claim that features and shape of the face can actually help determine whether a cropped hairstyle would suit you or not. Let us find out what it takes for a cropped hairstyle to suit you on the basis of the following:

  • Usually suits women with small ears and distinct hairline
  • Oval shaped can carry off any style
  • Cropped hairstyle for square faces should have hair going down to the jaw line in order to hide it
  • For round faces the cropped hairstyle should create a slimming effect by letting the hair fall on the sides

Styling Tips for the Cropped Hairstyle
The cropped hairstyle should be styled in the following way:

  • Use a mild to
  • Rinse hair with cold or warm water
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  • Apply an effective and rinse it off after a few minutes
  • Towel blot your wet hair
  • For a perfect finish apply mousse right from the roots to the strands of your hair

Cropped hairstyle needs repeated trimming to keep it lifted making the features of the neck and face more visible. In addition, strong and helps the cropping hairstyle easier to cut.

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