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Types of Mohawk Hairstyles

Punk hairstyles mostly revolve around Mohawk hairstyle. There are slight variations between each type of Mohawk. It may vary in coloring, length of the spike or even the thickness. One should understand which Mohawk hairstyle they can carry off well. This will help them in looking trendy at the same time attractive. Most of the times punk hairstyles are not appreciated in public. So one should be really sure of which hairstyle suits him. This article gives the different types of Mohawk hairstyles.

Variations in Mohawk Hairstyles

There is only a subtle variation in different types of Mohawk hairstyles. This difference is seen in the explanation given for every type of Mohawk hairstyles. The basic concept is the same, but the styling is different in each type.

Liberty Spikes ai??i??

One can make out from it name what it looks like. In this hairstyle the spikes are stiff and long. The spike resemble the spikes which are on the crown of Statue of Liberty. This is mostly used by people who are inclined to punk rock.

Dread Hawk ai??i??

The name suggest what it is. This hairstyle, the hair which is not shaved is dread and it is made to stand upwards. This hairstyle doesnai??i??t have spikes instead it has dreadlocks. Another advantage of this hairstyle is, it can also be converted into Liberty Spikes.

Fanned ai??i??

The hair is made to look like a fan in this hairstyle. The sides are shaved and the remaining hair is made to stand upwards. The fan is present from front hairline to the back hairline. This is one of the most popular styles of Mohawk.

Slant Hawk ai??i??

Its a simple hairstyle. Instead of making the making the upward hair straight it is made to stand diagonally. The hair that stands comes from one eyebrow to the back of another eyebrow.

Chelsea Hawk ai??i??

Chelsea hawk is a typical Mohawk for girls. The sides are shaved to about 3/8 th of an each. It comes under the super short haircut. The hair which is left loose is either made into a fringe or they mostly make it look like dog ears.

Beaver ai??i??

In this hairstyle the center part of her hair is left short and thick and the rest is shaved. The strip of hair in the middle is either colored or made to look in style.

270 Degree Hawk ai??i??Ai??The style starts from the back of the head to the forehead of the head. This style has a 270 degree angle to it. This style is mostly seen in women.

Reverse Mohawk ai??i??

Normal Mohawk has the sides shaved. In the reverse Mohawk the middle strip is shaved and the sides is left unshaved. The sides are either combed down or they are put into spikes.

Cross Mohawk ai??i??

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It is a mixture of fanned Mohawk and a fanned side hawk. This style is also known as bi-hawks or H hawks. This is one of the rare Mohawk style which one gets to see.

Death Hawk ai??i??

It is a rage in the metallic rock. It is also known as goth hawk. The center strip is not spiked or it is not dread. It is fanned and the length is unusually long. It has long back combed dandrills.

Glow Hawk ai??i??

Normal Mohawk with versatile bright colors are the characteristics of this hairstyle. The colors which are used in this hairstyle differ from each other too.

Side hawk ai??i??

Side hawk is a simple variation of the normal Mohawk. The difference between both the hairstyles is instead of the the sides being shaved, the back and the front part are shaved and the strip goes from ear to ear rather than nape to front hairline. discounted viagra

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