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Mafia Look

Godfather, Scarface, Reservoir Dogs and many such movies have inspired people in getting the mafia look. The suits, the moustache, the hair and most importantly the cigar! Marlen Brando has been a symbol for people who wanted to do the mafia roles. His look in the Godfather, was well done that it looked exact impersonation of the character from the book. To get the mafia look you the main aspect is the hairstyle. It is sophisticated, chiseled and stylish too. There is a kind of attitude which is given to the person by the look. You want to get a mafia look then here are the following tips which can give you the perfect mafia look.

Tips for Mafia look

The most important point to note is the dressing and the hairstyle. The suit gives the sophistication you need and the hairstyle completes the whole attire. Now get started with your mafia look below..

  • After you get the suit which you must have already got, start of with your hair. Your hair needs to be short length and it should be combed from one side of the skull.
  • If your hair is fuzzy or rough try to maintain a medium length in the top and short length in the bottom half. With this you can comb your hair properly from the top.
  • Now to make your hair stay in that way use some strong gel. See to it that you use gel which has less petroleum content. This will not damage your hair.
  • For the look to complete you can try growing a moustache. Make it a thin moustache which is right above the upper lip. You can also go with the moustache which is think at the nose and thins down near the corners of the lips.

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