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Hair Brushes: How To Make The Most Of Your Hair-Brushes?

For creating simple hairdos like ponytails, half-up to removing knots and for keeping your hair healthy, hairbrush is the basic hairstyling tool that you require in your everyday life. Here we’ve listed some important tips on how to make the most of your hair-brush.

  • To avoid split ends, choose hair brushes with good quality bristles. Quality brushes are gentler, make your hair cuticles smooth and make them shine.
  • It’s always good to clean your hair brush regularly with some mild shampoo.
  • To style your hair more easily, choose the right hair brush according to your hair texture and type. If you can’t find the right brush, take help from your hairstylist.
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  • Use a hair brush with holes on the handle or in the base when blow-drying your hair to finish faster.
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  • For creating shiny straight hair, opt for paddle brushes.
  • If you have curly, wavy or thick hair, use a brush that has staggered rows and wide bristles.
  • A damaged brush is same as damaged hair. Try to get a new brush if the bristles are bent or frayed.
  • If you have short hair, opt for a medium or small round barrel hair brush to achieve an easier clutch on your short hair. For styling medium or long hair, opt for big barrel brush to hold more hair.
  • Brushes that use boar or natural bristles are the best option. But they may be quite expensive as well.
  • If you are going for some cheaper brush then choose a brush where the tips of the bristles are round to reduce hair damage.

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