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Bangs Hairstyles: How To Get The Right Bangs Hairstyles For Oval Face Shape Women?

Getting the right bangs can flatter your features and make a drastic change in your look just as getting the right hairstyles. On the other hand, getting the wrong bangs could leave you a very different unflattering look. You may have to put lots of effort to hide the bangs by using hair clip, headband or any other accessories till your hair grows back.

In order to avoid getting bangs that you’ll regret later, it’s always good to do a little research first and get the right bangs depend upon your face shape. Try to choose the hairstyles that virtually balance any haircut or hairstyle. For example, blunt cut bangs that cover up your forehead fully is one such haircut that change your lovely face shape into something less flattering and much shorter.

Right Bangs For Oval-faced Women:

Side-swept bangs may be the most flattering style for an oval face shape women, but make sure that your bangs are not too heavy and thick because they can cover up your face too much again.

Hairstyles to avoid:

  • Avoid blunt cut bangs for they can shorten your face and are less flattering
  • Avoid keeping too heavy or very full bangs as too much bangs can cover up your face and hide your lovely face shape

Right Bang Hairstyles:

  • Soft and wispy bangs by adding some height
  • Side-swept light bangs that will not conceal your complete forehead

Thus, by choosing the right bangs that suits your face shape, you can accentuate and balance your facial features well.

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