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Women Hairstyles: Women’s Hairstyle For Big Noses

If you had a hard time for long time struggling to find the right hairstyle to fit your big nose, don’t panic anymore. There are many styles that enhance your attribute and balance to your features. Certain hairstyles flatter and great for certain face shapes or certain head. Women with big noses can get stylish and hip hairstyles equally as the rest.
If you have a distinctive nose, you can try out the style that emphasize your fabulous distinctive nose or try out for the right hairstyle that can balance your unique attribute and flatter your face.

Styles that flatter big nose women:

Layered Haircut: Layered hairstyles are great for women with big noses, because it will add softness and flatter the features.
Soft wave and curl: Go for soft wave and curl hairstyles, for they will widen your face and shrink the nose. Go for a loose perm or hair-rollers to build visual softness.

Hair color: Opt for edgy and unique hair color to bring attention to your hair rather than your prominent nose.

Hair Length: Generally long hair and medium hair length both work well for big nose women. A longer hair gives more freedom to play around your hair with different style. Hair updos and adding rollers will add volume to your hair and balance your features.

Styles to avoid:

  • Stay away from short hairstyles
  • Hairstyles with bangs may not be the right hairstyles if you have prominent nose.
  • Avoid sharp edges haircut, opt for soft and blended haircut rather than straight and edgy
  • Avoid flat hair or sedu hairstyles for it may emphasize your big nose more
  • Watch your eye make-up: Avoid eye make-up that creates an illusions of close set eyes, it will only add an illusion of bigger nose

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