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Retro Hairstyle For Men And Women

Retro hairstyle is all about the style of 20 years back fashion, but it has come today in the top trendy hairstyles for both men and women. Many celebrities has made a comeback with retro hairstyles on red carpet. However, this hairstyles may not be for everyone. It might become a fashion disaster if you don’t gear up this hairstyles with proper fashionable wardrobe.

Where you’ll find retro hairstyles:
If you just go back the to the past 20 years fashion and watch their movies, you’ll find many different great retro look. Many other sources like magazine, movies, books etc. from 1950s and 1960s, you’ll find retro hairstyles. A?ai??i??Ai??The Great GatsyA?ai??i??A? is one movie that provides a great retro look and styles which are great hairstyle for many occasions especially for formal occasion.

Best Retro Hairstyles For Women: You cannot miss out celebrity like Marilynn Monroe if you are talking about any retro style. You can check out many retro style from her.

  • One of the most popular retro hairstyle is the tie-back bobs, which features the hair thats pinned back.
  • Short and slick is another popular short hairstyle that features the strands are seperated with a ribbon or some other accessories and create a chic look.

Best Retro Hairstyles For Men: There are many retro hairstyles for man as well from the really sharp look to the really funky look and the old gangster look. Retro hairstyles may look more better for men because the change in style is more significant in women’s style.

  • To get the retro look, you can use gel and comb your hair from front to back that gives a mafia look.
  • Some of the best examples of men retro hairstyles can be found in A?ai??i??Ai??The Great GatsyA?ai??i??A? that gave older retro style while A?ai??i??Ai??GattacaA?ai??i??A? gave more futuristic look.

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