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How To Style Gypsy Shag Haircut?

For those girls looking for a change in their look from ordinary to some more versatile look, this gypsy shags may be one good option. Bohemian fashions and gypsy shags hairstyles continue to run with much appreciation in red carpet.
A gypsy shag haircut offers a hip urban edge and trendy look and also provides many styling options. So, time has come to kiss goodbye to all those sedu hairstyles and welcome to this gypsy shags trend.

Gypsy Shags styling methods:

Depending on your hair volume and texture you may require little more work but it can be lots of fun as well. You can style this haircut in many different ways by adding curls or waves and coloring your hair.

Blow Drying and Adding Volume:

  • Usually shag haircut have layered heavily, so add volume to your hair by using hair blow-dry
  • Many shags may works well and great sometimes on fine hair, but always remember that shags are intended to be full and loose
  • Use curling irons to bend the ends of your hair and create soft texture and wispy, while round brush is use to tame the layers
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Curls and waves:

  • If you have long hair, adding little curls or waves will help to stay the longer layers in shape
  • It will also enhance the roaming and wild cut into more sexy look and add wandering volume to your hair.

Hair Coloring:

  • Hair coloring is another good way to emphasize and highlight this unique hairstyle.
  • Go crazy of chunking hair coloring such as bright blonde highlights or bold lowlights to create dimension to your style
  • For shag hairstyles you need to be less frequent in color touch ups because lifting the roots little bit may look more wild and better

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