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Latest Top Three Short Hairstyles For women

2010 trends of women’s short hairstyles fall into three unique haircut this year which are very distinct and different from the last years. The three top women’s short hairstyle for 2010 are Short black haircut, Pixie crop cut and Side shaved haircut.

Short Black Haircut:

Out of the many new haircuts sporting by several models in summer/spring 2010 fashion week, the short black haircut is one of most eye catching styles for women’s short hairstyle trends for 2010. This hairstyle defines both the revivalist and conservative seasons which likely shows how the fashion industry works to drag itself out from the economic black hole that cast down many companies.

kristen Steward

  • This hairstyle doesn’t require much hair color as it is best with just pure black hair color.
  • This can be styled in your looks from neo-rocker to classic
  • This can be cut in different ways without or with a fringe, likely to pixie crop short or as as a bob
  • It suits almost every skin tone and face shapes
  • Twilight-New Moon’s actress Kristen Steward has beautifully worn this hairstyle and made a fashion statement with the combine looks of cute, innocent and stylish look as shown in this picture

carey MulliganPixie Crop Cut with little longer fringe: Pixie crop cut has comeback again with little twist from the old style. It keeps the same features as the old one and keep a little longer fringe. Hairstylists recommend eyebrow length fringe and go for slight side swept. Use pomade or other good hair product to hold your fringe in place. British actress Carey Mulligan simply looks superb with this pixie crop cut.

Side shaved hair cut: Cut short or shave your hair on both sides and back, keep full RIANNAundercut while the top crown hair lie longer at you ear length as Rihanna did in the given picture. Or you
can grow your hair back. This hairstyle will give you very versatile and gothic look. So of you are looking forward 2010 with lots of attitude and trying to do something unique and different from others, this hairstyle can be your first and ideal choice.

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