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How To Get Trendy Slick Back Men’s Hairstyle?

George Clooney has made a fashion statement with his slick back hairstyle and created the toplist men’s hairstyle for 2010. It may look little too classic if you don’t wear it properly but when it wear with the right hairlength and right attitude, it gives you very gentle, smart intelligent and trendy look. This hairstyle works well with good tailored suit and best for those looking for professional, serious and formal look.

How to cut this slick back style?

  • If you are looking for slick back look, one important thing you need to consider first is to understand your hair texture whether it’s straight or wavy.
  • Leave longer hair on the top, if you have straight hair. Guys with wavy hair should go for shorter hair on the top, depending on how wavy is your hair.
  • This hairstyle features short or very short on the sides for both wavy and straight hair and leave little longer on the crown

How to style slick back hairstyle? nombres women argentina

  • This style doesn’t require lots of effort to style, provided your hair is cut appropriately in a short length.
  • To get the real trick, ensure that you choose the right side to slick your hair back which suits your face.
  • If you want to get the traditional classic wet look, you can use Brylcreem or any other right product.
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  • The choice is upto you, whether you want to wear this slick back without adding part or with part figures. Try both, and see that you get the right style for you.

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