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Men’s Hairstyles For Diamond Face Shapes

Diamond Face shape features high and wide cheekbones with narrow jawline and forehead. This face shape also characterized by long pointed jawline.This face shape is slightly similar with heart and oval face shapes.

What is your aim to style with this face shape?

With diamond face shape, you need to focus on your narrow chin to balance it and to minimized your wide cheekbones. Fuller hair at your temples and crown will balance the thinner parts of your face.

Right Hairstyles for Diamond Faces:

  • Opt for hairstyles which has bangs and a full fringe to minimize your forehead. Style with bangs will also helps you to shorten your face
  • Shoulder length wispy hairstyle works well for diamond face-shapes
  • Choose the hairstyles that create the illusion of wider look at your forehead and chin area
  • If you want to show off your cheek bone structure, you can go for the styles which tuck in behind your ears
  • Long shag hairstyle is another great style for diamond face shapes

Hairstyles to avoid:

  • Stay away from short hairstyles that add height at the top
  • Avoid those hairstyles without bangs like faux hawk
  • Stay away from the style that keeps the chin or the neck area without hair
  • Don’t ever try middle parts because they will lengthen your face
  • Avoid any styles that add too much of volume or fullness at your sides, for they will widen your cheekbone

Right Eyeglasses:

  • Frames with rimless, strong top lines, oval and square are suitable for diamond faces. Just make sure that you don’t choose styles that are wider than your top cheekbones.

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