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Best Men’s Hairstyles for Square Faces

Square face features square jawline and almost as long as its wide. The face is defined by a broad and strong feature with straight sides. Square face signifies conservative and authoritative character like politician and manager.

How to get the right style with this face shape?
With this square face shape, your foremost goal should be to add some roundness to your face and soften the strong jawline features. Short to medium hair length might be your best option for this face shape, especially to achieve that round look.

Best Hairdo for square faces:

  • Keep the sides shorter and leaner, leave the top part little longer by wearing it a bit higher
  • Maintain clean hair around your ears and let the style mirror your square face shape, this will give square shape pop. For example, David Bekham did it perfectly.
  • Adding some wavy, curly and layered cut will help to soften your square face shape
  • Go for style that adds height at the top or crown, this will make your face longer

What hairstyles to avoid?

  • If your have long hairstyle, stay away from keeping straight heavy bangs. This will draw attention to your squareness and strong jawline
  • Also avoid traditional flat tops with acute edged sides

Best eyeglasses for square shape faces? pilule erector

  • Go for oval frames, they will soften your square shape
  • Frames with less depth and more width will also suit you

Some Male celebrities who share this same face-shapes are Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Leonardo Dicaprio, Charlie Sheen and Arnold Schwarzenegger

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