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What Hairstyle Suits For Men With Round Face Shapes?

To determine the perfect hairstyle for you, first you need to know your face shape. Because certain hairstyle will suit better with certain face shape. Getting the perfect hairstyle doesn’t mean getting the latest hairstyle you want, it means getting the right style that complements your features and shape and enhance your look.

How to choose right style?

The right hairstyle for men with round face shapes should focus on the width of your face and should create an illusion of lengthier look. The main aim is to bring balance in your appearance.

  • Avoid getting round or full hairstyles for they will create your face more round.
  • Keep the sides more shorter and leaner and leave little longer at the front and top. This will provide balance to your face.
  • Side parting at your front hair or adding little waves at your eye level is a good idea to minimize your roundness.

Long Hairstyle:

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  • Keeping a long straight hair is one great idea because it will provide longer face than usual and the long straight locks will conceal the width of your face.
  • To keep a stylish long hairstyle, you can add little curls at the bottom of your hair. This will pull away the attention from your wide head to the bottom face.

Short Hairstyle: advair without referral

  • Short haircut with side swept bangs will move away the attention from the width round face, also gives very trendy and fashionable look
  • Creating volume is a big No-No for round face shape, so opt for double layered cut
  • To break your face’s volume, try for pixie cropped cut
  • You can also go for short soft waves, whisky ends or fringy bangs to de-emphasize the roundness of your face

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