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Men’s Hairstyle Tips For Different Face shapes

When we talk about men’s hairstyles, most of the time we end up with short same hairstyles. But just as women choose their haircut according to their face shapes, men do have certain hairstyle which looks better in certain face shape. So if you are looking for a change in your looks with hairstyle, find out your face shape first and know what kind of hairstyle is best for your face.
Following are few important guidelines on how to choose the perfect hairstyle for you.

Long hairstyles:

  • Long hairstyles are best for oval, spherical and heart face shapes. Long hair generally gives the illusion of longer face shape
  • It also suits thin hair, it makes your hair not to be too heavy
  • The hair texture identical with shiny straight hair

Medium Hairstyles:

  • Medium hairstyles goes with almost any face shape. But for spherical face shape, avoid keeping bangs
  • Medium hairstyle gives you wise and mature look
  • You can go for texture choppy style if you like to have more choice in your hair style.
  • Use round brush if you want to add volume in your hair

Short Hairstyles:

  • This hairstyle suits best with dynamic characteristic
  • Other than square shape, it suits with every face shapes
  • It gives you more younger look

Curly Hairstyles:

  • This hairstyles suit with any face shapes, but avoid, if you have spherical face shape.
  • It goes well with almost every texture except bold texture hair
  • If you are looking for a romantic look, this hairstyle may be your best option
  • This hairstyle is best for square face shapes, for it can refine oval face shape

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