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Short Pixie Hairstyles For Older Women

Older women can still follow the most elaborated hairstyle and look pretty cool. However short hairstyle, simple hairstyle might be more convenient for them. Since the more older you become, the more you lost interest in your appearance. Moreover they tend to be more interested with their works rather than spending hours and hours standing infront of the mirror and styling themselves.
But you can still be very fashionable by keeping short and simple hairstyle. Who says that short haircut is very plain and boring??? Get this short pixie haircut to give you stylish look yet simple to maintain.

Short Pixie Haircut:

  • The old sixties short pixie hairstyle features thick and symmetrical cut, while the modern short pixie cut features side burns and well-trimmed bangs.
  • The other pixie cut you can go is asymmetrical cut which the other side is slightly longer than the other side which are all you can wear anywhere.
  • This hairstyle may require frequent trims say after every 6-8 weeks to maintain the pixie hairdo

Few good points why you need short pixie haircut:

  • This hairstyle speak lots of self-confidence and flatters your prominent features beautifully
  • Gives you playful, youthful and shows lots of vigor
  • You don’t require high maintenance for this hairstyle

Styling tips for Short Pixie Hairstyle:

  • Use hair products like shampoo, hair-conditioner, gel etc that suits the texture of your hair
  • Go for towel dry and apply styling foam or hair gel
  • to put more volume to your locks, use your finger and blow dryer
  • You can try styling your hair at the bang area or at the sides area for more styling look or to soften your look
  • To hold your hair with this hairstyle, add some hairspray.

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