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What Are The Best Pear-Shaped Face Hairstyle?

When you turn upside down an oval shaped face you get this pear face shape, thus it is also known as inverted heart face shape. The pear shaped face has a great wide jaw-line and narrowing upwards. Thus this face shaped is normally narrow at the forehead that flares out width from the cheeks and widest at the jaw-line.

Your face features are the major factors in haircut or hairdo, so its necessary to understand what is the strongest features of your face and what you would like to draw-attention away from.
The main objectives of the pear shaped face is to create width at the forehead and temples and an illusion of sleekness to the cheeks and jaw-line.

Basic Tips For Pear Shaped Face Hairstyles:

  • Go for a haircut that creates volume and some height at the top of your head, but too voluminous is not good for it will add weight on your bottom of the face
  • If you have bangs, tuck them behind your ears to frame your prominent jaw-line and elongate the cheekbones as well
  • Try pushing your hair back with a clip or headband to expose your forehead, this will draw attention upward rather then your width jaw-line. It will also flatter your face exceptionally.
  • Avoid haircut with one length, instead opt for a layered haircut.
  • Side swept parting is a good idea, avoid center parting.
  • Avoid hairlength longer than your neckline for it will accentuates your jaw’s width
  • Excessive curly or wavy hair is a big No-No for pear shaped face because it will simply widen your jaw-line

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