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Top Three Vintage hairstyle: How To Create Vintage Hairstyles?

If you are running out of the trendy hairstyles and looking out for a new unique hairstyle, it’s the right time for you to go back to the bygone eras and start vintage hairstyles. Vintage hairstyles ensure timeless beauty and style. It will give you the mysterious yet fabulous look.
There are thousands of vintage hairstyles, but here are three top vintage hairstyles that are easy to create and can be flaunted with any kind of dress: Finger Waves, Pin Curls and Rag Curls.

Instructions to create Vintage Hairstyles:

Finger Waves Vintage Hairstyle:

  • Start when your hair is slightly damp, part your damp clean hair into a wide section.
  • Move and push your hair to the side through your fingers to make it wavy, pin up the wave with a clip.
  • Continue forming waves with every two fingers for the remaining hair section.
  • Then let your hair dry for several hours, after that you can remove the clip
    form a wave or curl again at the nape of the neck to finish the ends

Pin Curls:

  • Part your damp clean hair into narrow section, to create a tight curl. Twirl the narrow section hair around the index finger.
  • Secure the curl hair with bobby pins or a clip by pushing flat against the head.
  • Continue making curls by alternating curl direction in each row.
  • Allow to dry your hair for several hours or as long as you can.
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  • Then remove the clips and style the curls as you wish by picking them.
  • Secure some curls behind your ears or on top of the head with clips, add lots of hairspray on your hair.
  • If desired, you can add vintage hair accessories or flowers on the base of the curl.

Rag Curls:

  • Make a clean rag with 5 inches long and 1 inch wide.
  • Divide your damp hair into sections of inch wide, keep the rag near the section of hair and an inch above the scalp.
  • In the form of spiral direction, wrap the strands of your hair around the rag.
  • Ensure that no hair is sticking out and tie the rag’s end together.
  • Repeat it to the remaining sections of your hair. Then dry your hair for several hours and remove the rags.

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