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Pre Teen Hairstyles: What Is Best?

Yes pre-teens want to express themselves through clothes and hair, they want to explore new hairstyles looking to the seniors but it is best to keep simple as much as possible. Because pre-teen are the days you are busy with school activities and other numerous different activities to take part.
Pre-teens are still the age where you have to depend your parents or seniors to take care of your hairstyles, so if your hairstyle is very complex and can’t take care properly you end up with ratty messy look. Moreover thick locks take more time and effort to maintain.

Bob Hairstyles is best for thick pre-teen hair:

  • Any easy bob hairstyles looks best for thick pre-teen hair as it keep under control of thick hair with no problem
  • It can be easily style and is suits for the school, singing or dance class after school or in any agenda pre-teens does
  • You still can style your hair with different types of hair accessories like barrettes, hairband etc and keep your hair from falling to your face.
  • If you are just started learning to take care of yourself, this hairstyle is best for you.

Tips for styling pre-teen thick hair:

    • use shampoo and conditioner which is suiting to you
    • Avoid rubbing your hair with towel
    • Apply handful of mousse with your finger through your locks.
    • Use a comb to arrange your hair as you desired.
    • Avoid combing air when your hair is wet
    • if you use blow dry, use in small section by keeping the styling tool low
    • If you want more texture style, while blow drying scrunch slowly with your fingers.
    • Occasionally you can use spray sine for glossy look


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