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3 Top Maid of Honor Hairstyles

Maid of honor is one kind of beautiful job to assist and help the bride on the wedding. Her hairstyles is also very important as it to bride. It should be beautiful and attractive but its good not to overdo or outdo the bride.

There are many different types of hairstyles you can style up, but some of the most famous and perfect maid of honor hairstyles are shown below.

Chic Chignons hairstyles

  • This hairstyle is one of the best formal styles and great choice for maid of honor in formal wedding day.
  • You can get this Chic Chignons hairstyle by pulling up your hair into ponytail and smooth the sides and tops.
  • Then part into two sections of your ponytail and tuck under itself of each section to create a loop.
  • Pinned up each section with well-hidden. This is perfect for a black tie affair.

Loose waves hairstyles:

  • This hairstyle can be both formal and stunning depending on the occasion.
  • If you have natural wavy hair, you just have to make a deep side part for dramatic effect
  • If you don’t have natural wave, then you can style by using a three-barrel waver.
  • You can also tucked flower into one side for more beautiful accent

Simple Style Hairstyles:

  • This is another simple yet beautiful hairstyle by just a ponytail or bun.
  • You can get this hairstyles by pulling your hair in a low ponytail by securing it with beautiful hairband
  • If keeping simple ponytail then leave as it is.
  • If going for little more elaborate ponytail, wrap the ponytail around the hairband and pinned up the ends hair with a bobby pin for side bun.

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