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Short Spiky Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

Short spiky hairstyles are very popular and one of the newest hairstyle for teenage girls who wants to be different and more funky than ordinary teens. Short spiky hairstyle gives you tomboy look yet still feminine if you can styled it.

ladyera Short chestnut spiky is very demanding in most of the teenagers today. It feature sharp yet sexy edges with angled cut. and generally worn flat. Keep whispy bangs and let it fall just above your eyes like the devilrock style. Short spiky hairstyles looks great with deep brown color and add a streak of lighter brown and reddish.

Short Spiky Hair Cut:
This haircut simply gives you the fabulous looks. Sort spiky hairstyle just followed the layered cut by keeping your sides hair spiked downward the ears. Let your back hair brushed towards the front to gives more stylish and elegant look.

Best Hair Color: Chestnut brown with a streak of reddish undertones look gorgeous and suits best in this hairstyle.

Short Spiky Hairstyle is mostly suitable for Oval, heart and round face with medium or thick hair texture. usa rx pharmacy viagra generic

How to Style it:
You just have to apply gel evenly into your damp hair and blow dry your hair. You may want to use hairspray for the finished look. To look more softer you can apply a bit of Mousse instead of gel and blow dry your hair.

Best Products: Mousse and Sculpture lotion goes well with this hairstyle

Resources for Teen Hairstyles:
Teen hairstyles are generally a mimic of teen celebrities hairstyles, magazine which ever is most popular. So you’ll get to know many or the latest trends by watching MTV, Disney Channel or other teen favourite shows. Among magazines, Seventeen Magazine and Teen Magazine are another good sources.

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