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The 70s Hairstyles For Women

The 70s hairstyles has come back into fashion today. If we look the 70s hairstyles, it is all about natural look and an era of hippies. Since during that time there were not much accessories and hair products to style your hair, most women go for the natural look.

In 70s women went for anything for hair but mostly go for natural look. Women tried to keep their locks long as much, sleek and smooth as much as possible and keep your hair flow and carefree. Women in 70s loved straight hair and since there was no hair ironing that time women used regular clothing iron for hair straightening.
Popular Hairstyles during 70s: ladyera
Some of the most popular hairstyles in 70s were cult hairstyles, perm hairstyles,bob, high ponytail, mullet, and curled under was another popular hairstyles for short hair woman. Another popular hairstyle in 70s is Afro hairstyle which was started by the black people by growing their curled coiled hair long and create a huge puff on the top.

70s Hairstyles that still rules today’s Fashion:
Today most of the celebrities have come back with different types of headband and rules the fashion. Headband hairstyles was once very popular among women in 70s. Women in 70s consider headbands as one of the most simple yet versatile hair-accessories. This hairstyles gives you a girly and cool look.

Bob Hairstyle is another great hairstyles that came back today:
Bob hairstyles can be in any length depend upon the face cut of the person. It can be cut at any angle. Some women keep bangs also to give a cute look. This bob hairstyle has been a great come Some celebrities who made a fashion statement with this hairstyle are Victory Bekham and Rihanna. 70s hairstyles gives you the complete look of freedom, simple yet versatile looks.

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