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Iverson Hair Braiding Styles

Hair braiding is a very old art in hairstyling. While women like to have longer braids, men like shorter more compact braids. Braiding can be in the form of box braids, micro braids and even cornrows. They can be modified and played around with to create unique styles. One such person who makes a statement with braiding is Allan Iverson. He changes hairstyles as frequently as twice a week.

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Cornrows are one of the most popular style of braiding hair. He has a very unique style of braiding his hair. He styles his hair in cornrows type of braiding but the uniqueness is in the way the cornrows are done. The cornrows are zigzagged or braided in unusual geometric lines or sometimes in a combination of different styles.

To get this style, you have to first start off with the most basic of things in hairstyling. You start off by shampooing and conditioning your hair, followed by blow drying it. Once this is done the hair should be combed well, after which you have to part your hair in four vertical sections.

This style depends more on how each section is positioned and braided rather than the whole hair. The uniqueness lies in styling each section well.

Start with a section closer to the side of the head and make smaller horizontal sections, about half an inch each. Each of these sections should be laid alternately from left to right and vice versa.

Take the first horizontal section and start braiding it towards the temples using three stranded braids. Once you are done, take the next horizontal section and start braiding it from the temples inwards. Continue this till you are done with the whole section. You can leave the ends loose or tie it up with rubber bands.

Repeat the same procedure with the other three vertical sections.

Once you are done braiding, moisturize your scalp with an oil-based conditioner so that it stay and looks healthy and does not get itchy or flaky.

All that you need to carry this style off is information on how to maintain the style and the right attitude to carry it off. If you have these, the braids will last longer and you will surely grab attention wherever you go with your cool and unusual braids. cialis 20 mg sale

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