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African American Hair Braiding Styles

African Americans generally have thick black or brown curly hair. Although there are many styles that can be tried wit this hair type, braids are one of the most common and popular of all styles for Afro-American hair. Even though hair styles keep changing frequently, braids have remained a popular choice for many.

African American Hair Braiding Styles

Braiding can be done in a number of different and innovative ways. You can have cornrows, box braids or pixie braids that can be modified according to individual tastes and face cuts.

Box braids: These are thick braids and one of the most common type of hair braiding styles. This style is a bit time consuming and could take two hair stylists to complete. They are done by braiding four strands of hair at a time. If properly done, they can last for about three to four weeks. They give a very casual, care-free and cool look.

Micro braids: They are smaller as compared to box braids. They are also called invisible braids as they fall like natural hair and do not stand out very obviously. You should be careful if you are getting these for longer hair as it might get very heavy and cause hair breakage. They can be styled elegantly to even suit professional corporate looks if worn straight or can be curled for a more playful look. You might need to wrap a towel around your head to stop it from getting very oily after getting these braids.

Cornrows: They are one of the coolest and oldest kinds of braids. In this, hair is braided tightly on the scalp geometric lines or just straight. The strands have to be equally pulled tight to give it a neat look. You can use wash once a while and use a scarf while sleeping to avoid spoiling the style. You have to be careful to pay attention to your scalp after you get this hairstyle as it will be very visible. You can use a wide toothed comb and protein conditioners to maintain this style for long.

Taking care of braided hair

  • Drink lot of water
  • Have healthy diet
  • Oil your hair at least once a week
  • Avoid using heavy strong conditioners
  • Take extra care for hair that is treated with chemicals before braiding
  • Keep a check on stress levels

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