Hair Styles

African American Little Girls’ Hairstyles

African American girls usually have thick curly hair. This looks very cool and hep but can become messy and look unmanaged if proper care is not taken. Earlier, there were limited options for small girls and their hair was usually plaited and tied up with ribbons.

But now, there are as many options in hairstyles for kids to choose from as there are for adults. Many adult hairstyles can be suited for kids’ hair very well. Especially Afro-American kids with thick curly locks have a lot of options now like braiding, bobs and cornrows.

Hair styles for African American little girls

  • Braids: Braided hair looks cool. It goes well with the quality and texture of hair that Afro-American have. It can either be small thin braids or box braids. The size of braids and parting can be varied. They are styles that last , look good and help children’s hair grow better.
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  • Cornrows: They are the latest rage in fashion circles. This style suits people of all ages and can be especially well suited for African-American hair. Even in this, the size and parting can be varied according to individual preferences.
  • Bobs: They suit Africa-American features and hair, and can be styled using irons to curl or straighten hair. They can be either simple bobs or styled differently like asymmetric bobs to look funkier and different.
  • Hair wrappers: They are an integral part of African culture. They are colorful and versatile, making them very suitable for styling hair of small girls.

These are just some of the popular hairstyles that can be used to style curly hair of small Afro-American girls and make them look good while making their hair manageable.

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