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Hair Styles For Balding Men With Long Hair

Balding is one of the biggest nightmares for most men. It signals for most men aging. It can be very demoralizing for many men to lose hair, especially if it is at a younger age. But now there are many hairdos that even those with bald spots and thinning hair can sport with style and elan.

Hair styles for balding men with long hair
There are many styles that can help those with thinning hair look good and sport hairdos to hide the balding and thinning. The most interesting and popular style is growing hair long to make up for the loss of hair on top/crown of the head.

  • One way of covering up a small bald spot is to grow the bang a bit longer so that when combed back it covers up the bald spot. The side locks can be kept a little longer to make up for less hair otherwise. Never take hair from one side and comb over the other, it is a fashion disaster.
  • If you are bald at the crown but have hair at the back of the head, you can grow that longer to compensate for the hair loss.
  • A shaggy hairstyle is also a good option, for this you would need medium long hair where the front hair falls on the forehead while the rest of it falls back in a very unruly fashion, lending volume and covering up bald spots.

Balding may be restrictive to your fashion sense, but it need not keep you away from experimenting with your hair.

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