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Quick Weave Ponytail Hairstyles

Weaves are a great way to achieve length instantly. This is very convenient for those who are not blessed with naturally long hair. Ponytail weaves are not very versatile but can be used creatively to style hair for different occasions and make you look stunning.

Quick weave ponytail hairstyles

Although you may find ponytails to be a bit restrictive to experiment with, they can still give you a range of different looks to suit your face and the occasion. You can innovate and use weaves with buns or even use them to add volume to your hair. You can use straight, curly or wavy weaves for variety.

Volume ponytail: For this style, take a few inches of hair in the front and comb along the hairline before adding the weaves. Use a spray to add volume to this hair, then puffing it up and pinning it. Clip in the extensions and use a spray for volume. Blow dry the hair without entangling the weaves. Use a little more spray at the end if you wish.

Curly ponytail: Clip or sew in the weaves and spray a protectant spray all over your hair and weaves. Slowly take small sections of the hair and apply the iron to tips with the clamp facing outwards and upwards, hold for a few seconds and release. Once you are done with all sections of hair, leave till it cools down and then comb with fingers. Use a hairspray at the end if needed.
This style is suited for everyday wear or for an evening date.

Weave bun: Clean dry your hair and then sew or clip in the weaves tightly. Take the ends and twist them upwards to make them coil into a bun. Make this style secure by using bobby pins to keep the hair in place. You can then use a hairspray to keep in neat for a long time.
This style is suited for everyday styling as well as for sport activities.

Ponytails never go out of style. Every time there is a change in fashion trends, the ponytail makes an appearance in an all new look and style. Short and bouncy, straight and long, ponytails suit ant type and length of hair if styles properly.

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