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Popular ’80’s hairstyles

The 1980s was the time of crazy, wacky and sometimes bizarre hairdos. Your hairstyle defined you. It was the time when your style statement was your hair – the more outrageous the hairdo, the better. It brought to the fore the wild side in many. Be it the mullets, big bangs or the side ponytail, they all bear the typical ’80’s style mark.

Popular Hairstyles of the ’80’s

  • Mullet: This was a unisex hairstyle, sported with equal funk by both men and women. In this style, the front hair was short and layered, while the rest of the hair was long and not layered.
  • Side ponytail: In this hairdo, all the hair was bundled up into a ponytail at one side of the head, just next to the ear. It was made popular by teen singing sensation Debbie Gibson.
  • Big bangs: It was an extreme hairstyle where medium or long hair was layered and set with hairspray in such a way that it extended at least a few inches over the head from all sides.
  • Tails: In this, hair was cut very short with only a small clump of hair near the neck in the middle left long. This small A?ai??i??Ai??tailA?ai??i??A? was often colored with contrasting and shocking colors.
  • Asymmetrical: This style precedes the present goth style. In this style, hair was cut in different lengths all over in no specific pattern, but were usually longer on one side and shorter on the other and falling in a rounded bowl shape.

Some of these hairstyles are however slowly coming back into style today. Especially styles like the asymmetrical cuts and tails are now seen quite often. Some have been modified to suit modern tastes and brought back into fashion again.

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