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Caesar Haircut


In early 1990s, men wore a different style of haircut. It was known as the Caesar Haircut. This haircut is named after the ruler Julius Caesar lady era pills . The haircut had been discontinued in fashion. But it has again become a trend in recent years. Many celebrities too have tried this haircut and gave rise to it again.

The Cut:

The Caesar haircut is known for its short bangs. These bangs sweep the forehead area on a man. The hair is kept short. It is about 1-2 inches in length and the bangs are pushed on the forehead. This looks good on most men. George Clooney, Eminem, Russell Crowe (in Gladiator) are popular celebrities to have this haircut. This hairstyle also hides the issue of people having thin hair. It also looks sexy on few men.

The hair is not longer than 2 inches all over the head. It can also be shorter than that sometimes. The haircut depends on personal likes. Few of them even even get it shaved it very close to the head (ie. Quite short). The demand for this haircut, across the world, is growing day-by-day.
This hairstyle is specially a boon for those people who don’t waste time on their hair. The style is for people who think grooming their hair is waste of time. You can also style your hair further with a styling gel.

For those who want get a haircut like George Clooney’s, we have tips for you:
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  • Use a good amount of mousse with your fingers through dry, damp hair.
  • Set hair with your fingers and leave it to dry on its own.
  • If the hair is very fine, you can also blow it dry.
  • When your hair is dry, smoothen your hair using a pomade. This would allow for a more textured look to your hair.

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