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Hairstyle Advice for people with Weak Hair

Damaged or weak hair can be an outcome of many factors like, improper diet, use of hairstyling gadgets, and also the texture of the hair.

How to prevent?

There are many ways to prevent this problem and regain your strong hair. Some are:

Nutrition: one of the basic causes for weak hair is your improper diet. You need to take proper diet for healthy and strong hair. Try to take food that includes zinc, calcium, iron, silicon etc. You should consume more of green vegetables, oats, milk products and dry fruits.

Avoid using styling products: Excessive use of hair styling products can also be a major cause of the damage. If a hairstyle needs a styling product, then try to use those that don’t contain alcohol. After using, try to wash and condition your hair properly. Avoid using dryers, flat irons, curling irons etc.


  • Choose a brush, which is easy on your hair.
  • Be careful, while using hair accessories
  • Take some time to brush your hair
  • There is no need to apply shampoo everyday.
  • Make sure you use a good conditioner
  • Drink a lot of water, as it provides natural moisturizer to the hair
  • Avoid stress, as it lead to hair loss
  • Go for regular trimming of your hair to prevent split ends and damaged layers
  • You should use shampoos according to your hair type
  • Hair colors and hair dyes should be avoided, as they damage and restrict the hair growth

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