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Useful Tips for Hair Color Correction

It is not necessary that every time our desired hair color comes out perfect and looks good on us. Sometimes it may go wrong if we don’t choose the right one. Now the big question is how to do hair color correction?

Don’t worry, as there are several remedies for Hair color correction. Some are already there at home. So let me tell you some of these home remedies that you can try yourself for Hair Color Correction.

Home Remedies for Hair Color Correction

  • A dandruff shampoo can be a great help in hair color correction. Just apply on your hair more than once and leave it for ten minutes. After that wash it with water. You will find a difference.
  • Baking soda is another great idea to correct your hair color. Mix baking soda with your shampoo in equal amount. Apply this for three to four times and keep it for ten minutes every time you use. After this wash your hair with water.
  • You can buy a packet of hair dye from any drugstore and apply it on your hair. This will help you to correct your hair color.
  • Light ash blonds help to fade red color. It softens the dark color of red. So if you want to lighten your red hair color then best is too apply light ash blonds to fade the color further.


  • Before using any one of the above mentioned thing, check if you are allergic to any one of this things. Without checking don’t apply these material on your hair.

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