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White Hair Causes and Prevention

Hair turning into white is a common and usual thing if you are aged, but whitening of hair at an early age is something which is unusual. ?s?i?????? ???? N?N?Ni???i?????i?? ???i?????i??Ni?? ???i?? ???i???i??????N?NZ N?Ni??Ni???i??????Ni??N?. Today there are many people who have this problem of hair whitening at their early age and want some permanent solution to get rid of such problems and enjoy their young look. So letA?ai??i??ai???s find out what are the causes and remedies for this particular problem.


Genetic factors :

One of the main causes is hereditary factors. The genes passed by father or grandparents to children can cause whitening of hair at an early age like 20.

Stress :

is another important factor which causes whitening of hair at an early age. Some physical or mental trauma can cause stress which effects the melanin production. This cause the change of color pigmentation and results into white hair
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Deficiencies :

is another cause of white hair at an early age. Thyroid deficiencies and anemia can also be a cause to this problem.

Hair color :

Hair derives its color from melanin, which is the pigment present both in skin and hair. More the melanin, darker the hair color. Less the melanin, lighter the hair color.

Prevention and Treatment

  • </>Mix coconut oil with lemon. Apply this mix on your hair and massage your hair for 15-20 minutes.
  • Make a cup of strong black tea, mix a spoon of salt in it. Strain all the tea out and leave it to cool. After it is cooled down, apply it on your hair roots and keep it for an hour. Later wash it away with water.

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