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5 Easy Pony Tail Styles

Ponytail is a very common and yet popular hairstyle that we have from a long time. This particular hairstyle never fades away, in case it gets more easy and trendy with the growing fashion. You can tie up your hair in different pony tail styles, from tight to loose, from back to side and also from low to high. So why not just have a quick look on some easy and trendy pony tail styles.

Low ponytail: is a very easy to make. It can be either tight or loose. This is a good hairstyle that goes perfectly with a corporate look. It gives you a stylish, sleek and a sexy look. Usually this hairstyle goes well with long hair.

High Ponytail: should not be made on top of your skull but little lower. You should tie your high pony tail perfectly to enhance your bone structure. High ponytail usually depict you cheerful and playful character than your elegance. It is a popular hairstyle with cheerleaders. Curly hair and thick textured hair looks good with this style.

Half Ponytail: is again a easy and popular pony tail style. In this you just have to tie loosely taking half of the hair at the back and leave some of the hair loose. This pony tail is suitable for both curly and straight hair. You can also tie it low as well as high.

Pigtail: is another pony tail style which can be done on children as well as grown ups. It is usually done to keep away you hair from your face. Pigtail is a simple, easy, fun and casual way to style up your hair.

Side Ponytail: is a very easy and yet trendy way of styling your hair. In this you just need to collect your hair at the back of your ear and then tie them with a rubber band or a clip. This pony tail style can be tied low as well as high.

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