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How to Make Hair Silky and Smooth?

Silky and soft hair is every girl’s dream. They look beautiful as well as easy to maintain. Now the question is how to get silky and smooth hair? Well I have some solutions to your million dollar question. So let’s quickly find out about some of them.

Vinegar is an excellent option for making your hair silky and soft. Especially apple cider vinegar will give your hair a shiny and silky texture.

Olive oil is another great product by which you can get silky hair. Just apply warm olive oil and then wrap your hair with a warm towel for 5 minutes. You will get an effective

You can try egg white and almond oil mix. Just apply the mixture on your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. This gives you a shiny and soft texture.

Hibiscus flowers:You can rub hibiscus flowers on your hair to make it silky and smooth or you can warm them up in water and smash it to make a paste. Apply this paste before taking bath and wash it with water after some time.

Aroma oils: Try to apply aroma oils once in a week. This is also a good way to get silky and smooth hair.

Almond oil: is very effective oil for getting silky and soft hair. You should frequently message your hair with almond oil to get a positive result.

Aloe Vera: You can also try aloe Vera gel with your shampoo.

Apple: is another easy solution for this purpose. You can apply pulp of boiled apple on your hair or apple juice and wash it off after keeping it for half an hour.

6 responses to How to Make Hair Silky and Smooth?

  1. Good Information. It has really helped me a lot in making my hair soft and smooth.

  2. apply oil daily in night when u go to sleep
    take bath in the morning with good shampoo

  3. hey u buffallo madhu sudhan if i do like that only my hair is spoilling …

  4. thats right
    thank you
    almond is a great oil and oilve too…..
    special sites
    thank you

  5. olive oil and coconut oil, mixed. apply it only on the tips, every 2 days and for the whole head 1 time per week, before a headwash. it will give very fast results!

  6. rosy said on May 3, 2011


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