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Top 5 Essential Hair Oils

Oil is a very important element for hair growth and nourishment. One should apply oil regularly to keep hair healthy and damage free. There are some oils which are essential for hair growth and good for nourishing, cleansing and strengthening its roots. Let’s find out about these oils in details.

Clary Saga and Rosemary: These two hair oils give the best result for hair growth. Both of them can be mixed and applied to get an effective outcome. Rosemary is very useful in hair growth .While saga mixed with jojoba and applied on the hair roots will equally increase your hair growth.

Jojoba oil: this oil is very good with damaged hair. It has a huge amount of healing goodness which is effective for braking hair and split ends. The best thing about this oil is that it can be used in any hair type and skin type.

Olive Oils: Olive oils are mostly effective for dry hair. It can be used with any other oil to get an effective result. Olive oil provides dry hair good nourishment and gives back its elasticity. You should apply warm olive oil to your dry hair and keep it for 30 minutes to get a good result.

Tea Tree Oil: It can be used if you have dandruff or dry scalp problems. This oil moisturizes the hair and control oil produced by scalp. Tea tree mixed with little amount of olive oil can be a good treatment for dandruffs.

Citrus Oils: Usually oily hair gets benefits from citrus oils. These types of oils provide cleansing and conditioning to oily hair. Citrus oils can be applied both cold and warm to the hair to get an effective result.

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  1. Thanks for the information. I have very dry hair and I don’t produce a lot of natural oils. So it’s good to know what oils are the best for my hair. I definitely need to try clary saga and rosemary.

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