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Meg Ryan Hairstyles – Meg Ryan Shaggy Hairstyle

Meg Ryan hairstyles are better known for their short and medium length hair. Her hairstyles prove that short hair is a boon and it can be worn in number of ways like with curls, layers and other techniques. It is the reason why many women choose to have short hair and why many consider getting their hair shorter. Her hairstyles are for all ages and for all types of hair. Some of her fabulous hair cuts can be seen in ‘You’ve Got Mail’ and ‘City of Angels’.

Meg Ryan Shaggy hairstyles are the most popular hair style around and here is how to do it:

  • Apply styling mousse to damp your hair and spread it along the hair shaft in an even way.
  • Make an even middle part using the corner of your comb.
  • Dry the back of your hair using your blow-dryer and your fingers.
  • Rub the moulding cream into back of the hair using circular hand movements. It will show into a messy hair finish.
  • Use your fingertips and gently rake moulding cream through your bangs. Sweep the hair to the left as you do it. Do not use too much product. Repeat the process but this time you need to style your bangs to the right.
  • In the same way style your sides to give them a messy look. Mess your hair in a circular motion, piecing the ends out as you do it. Now you are ready with amazing hair style to turn everyone’s eyes towards you.

For people with short hair, Meg’s hair styles offer a vast amount of fresh changes that will lighter up their hairstyle while giving you a beautiful look. Meg’s hairstyles have been ever changing from the movies she plays to her public appearances. From different layering, coloring, additions of waves and curls, the actress seems to always have the right look. If you are looking for similar looks, try changing up the color or add additions to your short hairstyle that might produce better matching with your facial features.

2 responses to Meg Ryan Hairstyles – Meg Ryan Shaggy Hairstyle

  1. well, it’s interesting that wide range of options are available with short hairstyles..
    of course, short hairstyles are in and they are popular because they are easy to maintain. many working women with busy schedules feel it to be the best option.

  2. I like the short-hair meg ryan, she’s so cute in that hair-cut.

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