Hair Styles

Hairstyle You Can Wear For Work

Buns, French twists, French braids, half-undos are some of the that will make you look chic. Here are some hairstyles that can give you the right confidence to make a style statement.
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  • Buns: For low buns or chignons, as is also known, you have to pull your hair at the back of the head into a ponytail. Twist the hair into a roll and pin it at the nape of your neck. You can go for more trendy-chignon look if you let your hair hang loosely around your face. If you have a , you may consider buying a chignon hairpiece instead.
  • French Twists: Whether you have a short hair or a , you can never go wrong with a . It is a style statement in itself! Collect your hair as you do in a ponytail, twist your hair upward. Using pins to fold up one side, tuck the hair ends under the roll. If you have difficulty in twisting hair, you may consider taking some expert help.
  • French Braids: For French braid, you must have fairly . Take hair from the sides of your head and add it to your braid as you go along. Of the formal hairstyles, it is the most romantic-looking hairstyle but one of the most difficult to achieve.
  • vigra for sale in ireland Half Updos: If you want to give yourself a carefree, yet an elegant look, half updos is the look for you. It is also a very trendy hairstyle. You do not need any preparation for this. Gather your hair on the sides of the head. Then fasten your hair ends either at the crown or in the back with any beautiful ornament. Finally, keep your hair at the back and let it remain down.

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