Hair Styles

Types of Bangs Hairstyles

There are many reasons for you to try bangs this season. Bangs is the ideal for someone with a large forhead, or big round face. There are three basic types of bangs you can try. Check and try which one suits you the best.

Sideswept Bangs – These bangs, as the name suggests are swept aside, falling heavy on one side of your face. They are effortless, light and wispy. Thes bangs can go with any face shape but they tend to work best with heart-shaped and oval shaped faces.

Straight Fringe Bangs – This is a very popular hairstyle. The hair is cut straight across the forehead covering it entirely with hair.This works great for people who have big foreheads. Also works well for people with fine- hair in thickness. Suits oblong and oval face shapes.

Angled Bangs – Dont confuse them with sideswept bangs. Angled bangs are bangs that are cut in a specific angle on one of the sides of the face. They are usually cut a little thicker so that they can be a little wispy. Angled bangs can look good on everyone, specifically on people who have long or heart shaped face.


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