Hair Styles


Sporting Fringes or Bangs are quite popular and trendy these days. But whether or not it would suit you is the big question you need to ask yourself before you start fancying a fringe.

How would you check whether fringes suit you?Ai??Ai?? If you have a good hairstylist, you can ask him/her to put on fake fringes and see if it really suits you.

If you want to check that at home, there are some simple ways to do that. If you have long or medium length hair you can place a section of hair over your forehead. Adjust the width, length and density required and clip the hair.

Also it is important to consider the type of hair you have before you go for a fringe. If you have frizzy, curly or wavy hair, your fringe may look quite messy and you may have to spend a lot of time to make it look good. While if you have straight hair or permanently straightened hair you can go for it.

Keep your fake fringe for some 20 odd minutes before you decide it suits you. Also remember that trends are short lived, you may look like an odd ball if your hairstyle is out of fashion and it doesnt suit you. Double check with your stylist before you go for a fringe.

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