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Hair Straightening – Good Or Bad?

The sight of beautiful celebrities with a soft and silky mane. They keep running their hands across their tangle free hair that just slips off their hands in seconds – must be a dream of many women who dont like the messy look of their naturally frizzy, curly or wavy hair.

Hair straightening is a very easy escape for people with frizzy hair and hair straightening makes hair easier to manage than the naturally frizzy hair. Most beauty salons also recommend straightening for you but do they even talk about the repurcussions?

Straightening is either permanent or temporary. Temporary straightening can be done with an electric hair straightener. The device helps iron you hair to straighten it. It makes your hair look wow in a short while but repeated use of hair straighteners can damage your hair. The application of excessive heat can not only make your hair very dry and brittle but also result in hairfall and dandruff.

Permanent straightening can be done in two ways – regular straightening that makes your hair look naturally straight and there is Japanese Hair straightening that makes your hair look poker straight just like those Japanese girls have. Both these forms of Hair straightening apply chemicals and heat to your hair that breaks the surface of the hair in an effort to straighten it out – it is obvious that it will damage your hair in the course.

A Tricgologist Dr.Yadav of Revital Trichology, India says, “Due to the use of chemicals some of the hair cuticles remain open. When this happens, even combing or brushing hair can damage it causing hair fall and breakage.”

Permanent straightening has a short life even if it claims to be permanent. Although the hair remain straight for a long time but it ends up looking like dry grass after some point of time. On the surface the hair loses its smooth texture and ends up feeling rough. After a point of time it also stops reflecting light and that makes it very dull looking and you may even have difficulties in detangling them.

Permanently straightened hair require a lot of care. Regular oiling, regular deep conditioning, shampooing with shampoos meant for straight hair, using of branded and expensive serums – is what is included in the ‘care’.

The choice is yours.

15 responses to Hair Straightening – Good Or Bad?

  1. Its very nice idea! I like it.I do agree with you. Hair straightening is not good i guess.It’s really not worth it, and has the worst effects on your hair, plus, it didn’t even work very well, and my hair was not straight, it was just very wavy and very very very frizzy

  2. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I purchased it months ago and did not read directions or look at the informercial again,

  3. I wouldn’t use the instyler on my hair all the time because of the brush bristles may make your hair split ends.

  4. Great post, i’ve been looking around online trying to find the best hair straightener for ages, this has really help me out.

  5. A good post on a good blog, this will certainly help my buying decision for a hair straightener.

  6. aaa said on June 26, 2009

    i totally agree with u…

  7. SO what do you think in your opinion is the best straightener on the market?

  8. is hair straighening good or bad?

  9. so u r of the opinion dat not 2 staright hair

  10. I am in dailama whether its good or bad

  11. thank u so much,i’m very much grateful to u,u have saved my hair

  12. Y.J said on July 6, 2011

    Lovely information.. i have a good hairstyle .. but seeing other girl having straight hair wanted to go for it.. dropped the plan afetr reading this mail
    thanks a lot.

  13. Y.J said on July 6, 2011

    Lovely information.. i have a good hairstyle .. but seeing other girl having straight hair wanted to go for it.. dropped the plan afetr reading this mail
    thanks a lot.

  14. Actually i have planned to do hair straightening , but if it affects badly means why should we go for that , thanks to google


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