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How to Keep Your Hair Clean

There are millions of shampoos available in the market that promise so many things like adding extra glitter to hair, to retain color, to changing texture, and so on and so forth. These are simply marketing strategies. The truth is that shampoo only cleans the hair, nothing more nothing less!
When shampoo was first created it had few requirements that it was to achieve. First of all, a shampoo is required to clean the dirt, the sebum and the oil from the hair. Secondly, a shampoo must not cause any irritation to the scalp or the eyes. And lastly, it must not be harsh so as to damage the hair.
All shampoos are made of certain kinds of molecules. Every molecule consists in it a “head” and a “tail” section. The head and the tail work together in order to clean the hair properly. One of them, that is, the tail section pulls in the grease, dirt, dust but it pushes back the water. While the head section attracts the water and repels the sebum. In this way, both the head and tail together clean the hair. So, no matter which shampoo you use it will only clean your hair, since the basic formula of all shampoos is the same.
Hair has a natural property of secreting oil and sebum. This oil flows through the length of the hair, making them greasy, which attracts dust and dirt. Plain water cannot cleanse the hair because of the oil, thus the formula of shampoo comes in handy.
So now you have got the basics of shampoo. Something else that is worth knowing is that massaging the shampoo into your scalp is very important. By doing this you will activate the tail section of the shampoo molecule. This makes the shampoo attack the oil and sebum directly.
And one last thing to remember is that excess shampoo can be a little problematic. It definitely doesn’t clean your hair better. Instead, the extra shampoo that has not been utilized to clean your hair coats your hair. This coating cannot be washed easily and a lot of water is required to wash that coating off.
Basics of shampooing is very important to understand, it is after all a daily ritual. Clean hair is the first step to healthy hair!

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  1. hey, thanx alot for the info on shampoo formulae.
    I’m actually doing a biology project on the effects of shampoo on your hair and how long your stays clean depending on the shampoo that you use.
    the info on this site really helped thanx again

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